A downloadable Squadron FPS

Squadron - Multiplayer FPS - A awesome in development Multiplayer FPS game! Fight as U.S.A Or Russia In a epic fighting game! Multiplayer and Campain are still  being worked on! Please read the devlogs as progress continues! Please comment on this page any bugs or ideas you have!


  • XJAG
  • Byle
  • Ducky
  • DeerStudios

                                                                                                                                                                                     Devlog 1!

  • Version 0.1
  • By DeerStudios
  • First Prototype Build
  • 4 Guns Added!
  • Test Map Added!
  • Gun UI!
  • SkyBox Added
  • In Development
  • 11/6/17

Install instructions

  1. Drag The .zip To The Desktop
  2. Extract It To The Desktop
  3. Launch The .exe file
  4. Move the files into a folder and move them where you want
  5. Dont ever remove the unity player dll or data or exe from eachother
  6. if you do it will break the game!


FPSGame101.zip 69 MB

Development log


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plz make a LARGE MAP, and bots and multiplayer! awesome

Great FPS I really like the realistic aiming with the DMR

It is only imported Asset to Unity: https://www.theassetlab.com/store/p1/FPSE