Update v0.1

I have added new things to the game! Including the first ever

v0.1 download

  • Added and fixed the menu
  • The buttons are now working
  • The game has been realeased
  • I am currently working on the actual story

Story (Dont Read If You Dont Want Me To Spoil the Game)

Its about 3 teenagers that are very skilled at computers. They attempt to hack into nasa. It fails, the kids leave because it was late at night. What they didnt realise is the usb downloaded one file. The next day all of the teens meet up at ones house and open the file. When they do it reveals a huge goverment secret. A ancient portal that is said to be found near where they live. They spend the whole next day searching for it. Then they find the portal. They enter and it takes them to a realm with fantasy like creature


The Red Realm - Developed By Deer Studios v0.1.zip 4 MB
Nov 03, 2017

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